About Me


Originally from Poland, I currently live and work in Staffordshire, England. I am a member of the early-medieval reenactment group “Y Ddraig”, with which I train and attend shows, festivals and events. I have a great passion for history and a thirst for knowledge, combined with a competitive nature. I am a keen warrior, and have an interest in early medieval arts and crafts. My other interests include tabletop wargaming, writing and walking. I graduated from Newcastle University, and have lived in the UK since 2008. In this blog I will document my life as a reenactor, and write about anything connected to Viking and Saxon reenactment, from costume making, to combat tips and relations from shows and various events.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Zoe Alexander


    I am interested in licensing some of your photographs of shield walls for a television show. Would also love to know if you have any video footage as well. If you’re interested, please email zalexander@magilla.tv

    Thanks, hope to hear from you!


    • As far as photographs go, those which have not been taken by me personally are not mine to licence- but I can contact the people who did, and put your proposition forward. Currently, I do not own any video footage other than short videos of one-on-one duels, and currently we do not have any professional footage that we can licence- any footage existing has been taken by third parties, with which we seldom have any chance to get in touch with. I will however put your request forward about photos taken, to respective authors. Thank you!

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